Founded in June 2012, Youthquake Theater started out with a random idea (let’s do Hamlet in the backyard!) and took off with a bang. We are proud to say that their productions are organized, directed, and acted in entirely by children and teens. We focus on the works of William Shakespeare, and have presented a dozen productions of his work, including Hamlet, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Tempest, Much Ado About Nothing, The Merchant of Venice, Two Gentleman of Verona, King Lear, Twelfth Night, and The Winter’s Tale. Through their defiance of ageism and genderism, they eschew traditional portrayals of the Bard and embrace a more inclusive paradigm that invites viewers to expand their own Shakespearean horizons.                                


Abigail Dickson (Actor, Artistic Director):
founded Youthquake when, at age 13, she found a dearth of opportunities for girls to perform significant Shakespearean roles. After the success of her backyard production of Hamlet, she and the company found they couldn’t get enough of the Bard, and began churning out productions at an impressive pace. She has played Hamlet, Macbeth, Prospero, Benedick, Titania, Lear, Portia, Proteus, Viola, and Autolycus. Abigail has also appeared in musicals
including The Secret Garden (Mary Lennox) and Into the Woods (Little Red), and dramatic plays like Twelve Angry Women (Juror #3). Last summer she performed the role of Angela in Striving Artists Theater Company’s production of The Comedy of Errors.